The Agency of Education is Currently Accepting Applications  for Education Programs Coordinator I – Mathematics

The Agency of Education is Currently Accepting Applications  for Education Programs Coordinator I – Mathematics

The Proficiency-Based Learning Team at the Agency of Education is currently looking for an educator with a strong background in mathematics to join our energetic and passionate team. Experience facilitating meetings, strong organizational skills, and the ability to develop networks of educators are additional characteristics of the ideal candidate. We hope to find someone who shares a passion for learning and is willing to work to ensure equitable learning opportunities and expectations for each and every student.

The Education Programs Coordinator I – Mathematics position sits on the Proficiency-Based Learning Team in the Student Pathways Division at the Vermont Agency of Education. The Proficiency-Based Learning Team works to support implementation of personalized, proficiency-based educational systems. We believe that a strong commitment to student-centered learning will improve educational outcomes for all students. This focus should provide relevant and rigorous learning opportunities that engage all students and develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to be successful in the 21st century. The ability to impact and ensure the success of students across the state, network with educational leaders, and drive important educational changes make this position an engaging and rewarding professional opportunity. The Agency is currently based in Barre, VT, although we anticipate moving to Montpelier in late 2019.

Our Team Supports Proficiency-Based Learning (PBL) by:

•Enabling school systems to develop personalized, proficiency-based, local assessment systems that complement our statewide assessment system;

•Coordinating our work with other teams at the Agency, particularly the Personalized Learning Team, and developing shared messages and technical assistance for the field;

•Creating collaborative partnerships that build capacity for instructional leadership and proficiency-based learning; and

•Promoting high-quality, evidence-based professional learning for educational leaders focused on implementation of standards, alignment of curriculum to standards, and best instructional practices.

Specific job duties include:

•Coordinate and facilitate work sessions that utilize the knowledge and expertise of educators around the state;

•Contribute content expertise in mathematics to the work of the Student Pathways Division, including developing sample performance assessments and professional learning opportunities;

•Provide statewide leadership and support to Supervisory Union/Supervisory District leadership teams for implementation of the Vermont Education Quality Standards, including the construction of quality local comprehensive assessment systems;

•Assist in the implementation of Vermont’s new accountability system required by the Every Student Succeeds Act, including supporting equity and continuous improvement to all levels of the education system.  

•Identify areas of need and provide professional learning opportunities and technical assistance to schools to address those needs; and

•Develop evaluations to determine the effectiveness of professional learning opportunities and technical assistance.

If interested contact: Kimberly Glindmyer Palermo                                                    

Department of Human Resources

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