Welcome to the 2019 VMI Cohort

We are excited to announce that the VMI has accepted forty-one teachers into the 2019 VMI Cohort. This marks our 20th cohort and is potentially one of the largest cohorts in the history of the VMI! This group includes teachers representing 34 Vermont schools, 16 Vermont school Districts, and 20 different instructional/educational positions. In addition, this is the first VMI cohort to receive graduate credits through Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). We are excited to begin partnering with SNHU and look forward to new opportunities this relationship will provide.
The 2019 Cohort’s VMI journey begins on Thursday, May 23 with an evening Welcome and Introduction session sponsored by SNHU. This will provide an opportunity for members to meet their colleagues and VMI staff, and learn about the VMI. Their VMI coursework begins in July with two courses; Math as a Second Language (MSL) and Functions and Algebra.
Welcome to the VMI family…