VMI's New Hampshire Cohorts

The VMI welcomed the inaugural New Hampshire cohort in the Fall of 2020. In November, the 2020 New Hampshire Cohort completed their first course, Mathematics as a Second Language (MSL), which provided a deep and thorough investigation of the relationships between arithmetic, algebra and geometry. In addition, each cohort member met and began work with a VMI mentor and completed Classroom Lab Experience 1, designed to help them apply their new learning to classroom instruction. Presently, the 2020 Cohort is enrolled in Functions and Algebra and Classroom Lab Experience 2. We are thrilled to welcome New Hampshire educators into the VMI family.

We are now accepting applications for the 2021 New Hampshire Cohort. See the post below for more information.

Are You Interested in joining VMI's 2021 New Hampshire Cohort?

Are you

  • A  New Hampshire PreK-8 educator, classroom teacher, special educator, interventionist, math coach, or administrator searching for a comprehensive content-based master’s program in mathematics education?
  • Dedicated to improving math instruction and learning for all your students?
  • Enthusiastic about increasing your mathematics content knowledge and pedagogy in a supportive environment?
  • Eager to reach outside your classroom walls to contribute to your school or district mathematics goals?
  • Excited to share new and growing knowledge of mathematics content, effective teaching, and educational research with school/district colleagues through mentoring, peer coaching or other forms of teacher leadership?

If these describe you consider joining the VMI’s 2021 New Hampshire Cohort. Download the 2021 application below or contact Judi Laird VMI Executive Director for more information.


  • “I feel like I am really making a difference with teachers and students as we work together to help all students advance. VMI is helping throughout the state!!!!! Thank you for your work with people like me who want to do the best job we can.”

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    - 2017 VMI Graduate

  • This was an extremely rewarding and educational experience. I can’t say enough about the teaching and learning experiences I’ve had through VMI. They were the reason I applied to the program, and I’ve gotten far more from them than I could have imagined. VMI is an amazing program.

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    - Member of the 2014 Cohort

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Since its inception in 1999, the VMI has been dedicated to improving student learning in mathematics for all students and to building leadership Capacity in Vermont Schools. Interested in learning more about our Masters Program or the other services we provide to mathematics educators and leaders? Send us a message by clicking below!