Spring 2023 Professional Development opportunity! – Mathematics as a Second Language

 Course Description

Teachers need to understand the fundamental principles that underlie school mathematics, so that they can teach it to diverse groups of students as a coherent, reasoned activity and communicate and appreciate the elegance and power of the subject.” (Mathematical Education for Teachers II, 2012) 

Current Vermont state achievement data in mathematics indicate significant achievement gaps between students with disabilities and the general population, as well as a general decline in mathematics learning for all students. Making mathematics accessible to all students is challenging and requires educators have a strong understanding of mathematics to reach all students in the classroom. This course provides for a deep understanding of the basic themes of arithmetic as well as the inter-relationships among arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. A major theme of Mathematics as a Second Language is the understanding of arithmetic and algebra through language. Participants will explore the mathematics content related to these topics, the intimate relationship among them, and the important pedagogical strategies and skills educational research suggests can have a strong impact on student learning. Participants of this course will work collaboratively to solve problems and experience how problem solving is an integral part of instruction. They will come to recognize the importance of multiple representations of mathematical concepts and multiple solution strategies and how discourse in the classroom supports learning. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have preferred status should they decide to apply to the VMI’s master’s program, with these credits transferring into the program.




This course is open to all educators—including K-12 teachers, special educators, administrators, interventionists, coaches and other interested educators.

  • Dates: This course will be a mix of in person and remote learning as follows:
    • Feb 3: full day
    • Feb 17: half day
    • March 8: remote
    • March 31: half day
    • April 12: remote
    • May 5: half day
    • May 10: remote
    • May 24: remote
    • June 2: half day
  • Times: full days: 8:00-4:00; half days: 12:30-4:30; virtual days: 4:00-7:00
  • Location: this course will be held in the Montpelier area; specific location TBD  
  • Cost: $1650.00
    • Includes: 3 SNHU Graduate Credits 
    • All materials, 
    • Catered lunch on the first day 
  • Instructor: Susan Ojala, VMI
  • Registration: Please register by visiting https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7SY9RL9  


A flyer can be downloaded here


For questions about the course content, contact Susan Ojala ([email protected])
For questions about registration, payment or other concerns, contact Judi Laird ([email protected]